Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Tailored to the diverse needs of key executives and future leaders, David Dassler’s coaching services help clients operate within complex and unpredictable organizational environments. As a business professional, coach and career strategist, David acts as a catalyst for growth and change. Throughout the coaching process, he guides you to expand your thinking, articulate your vision, shape your career, and become an influential force within your company.

What Is Executive Coaching & What Does It Entail?

Rather than a “quick fix,” coaching is a process designed to help clients develop long-term strategies for advancing their careers, realizing their potential, communicating effectively and changing their lives for the better. Through scientific assessment, self-discovery and facilitated feedback, executive coaching helps clients achieve personal satisfaction and measurable results. David assists leaders facing a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Role transitions
  • Promotion selection
  • Organizational upheaval or company restructuring
  • Conflict management
  • Strategic company planning

David begins each coaching journey by establishing an in-depth understanding of his clients’ strengths, weaknesses and passions. An expert in personality profiling, he is certified to offer Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Step I and II™. MBTI® is the world’s most widely used personality instrument, and is a proven way to (1) discern and refine leadership styles, (2) optimize growth, and (3) enhance executive performance. Combining this statistically reliable instrument with his practiced perspective on corporate success, David seeks to transform existing and aspiring leaders into transformational leaders.

Leverage Your Strengths. Discover Your Edge.

"Throughout the coaching process, I consider myself a catalyst for life and leadership growth. It is my desire to help clients leverage their strengths, discover their edge—and achieve personal and professional success they never dreamed possible."

David Dassler, Executive Coach