Team Development Workshops

“The most effective way of leading, over time, is to lead from the heart.”

Robert E. Straub, II in The Heart of Leadership

A highly effective tool for developing teams’ self-awareness is the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) instrument, which is the most trusted and widely used personality assessment in the world. It is administered to more than two million people annually in the US alone. Over 50 years of research and use support the MBTI instrument’s reliability as a useful tool for management and human resource development, career and personal counseling, team-building and improving communication.

The MBTI helps leaders identify natural personality preferences and how they impact one’s interactions with others. Additionally, leaders can identify the natural preferences in others and tailor their leadership/communication to individuals and teams.

The MBTI instrument benefits people in the following two key functions:

Increasing self-awareness. Self awareness is a compelling predictor of managerial success, and generally accounts for one-third of job performance. Awareness of one’s personality profile is an essential requisite to becoming more self aware.

Understanding individual differences. Social awareness is the key to working well with others. The MBTI instrument helps people to understand the differences in how people work and interact.

Using these powerful insights helps leaders to discover how each unique personality type contributes to performance. Leaders also learn new ways to enhance collaboration and improve organizational relationships, productivity and efficiency by considering all points of view. Identifying personality Type preferences and learning how to constructively use differences helps team members maximize their work assignments and improve performance, both individually and collectively.

Additional benefits of using the MBTI instrument include:

  • Improved work relationships
  • Enhanced team/workgroup experience
  • Improved communication
  • Effective conflict resolution
  • Effective personnel development
  • Efficient and effective change management
  • Enhanced leadership and mentoring experiences

In addition to offering the MBTI instrument to individual coaching clients, David also uses the MBTI instrument as the basis for team development workshops. During these workshops, team members will (1) take the MBTI assessment, and (2) participate in team learning exercises & activities designed to increase participants’ self-understanding and their understanding of others.

To learn more about how your team can benefit from a development workshop, call or email David today at 303-408-6701.