“Coaching is the art of assisting individuals in becoming more than what they deemed possible. Truly effective coaching demands a blend of expertise, maturity, insight and wisdom. It also requires a deep concern for people and a genuine investment in their lives. David embodies and embraces all of these characteristics and qualities. He is uniquely positioned to impact lives in profound ways. I can unreservedly recommend him as a caring and effective coach.”

Craig D. Lounsbrough, M.Div., LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor & Certified Professional Life Coach

 “David is a fellow coach, and I have both observed him coaching others and experienced his coaching. David is professional, insightful, respectful, intuitive, and brings clarity to his clients. He coached a woman who was dealing with an unfaithful husband, a verbally/emotionally abusive pastor, and the challenges of the mission field. He gave her dignity while gaining her trust, and she readily affirmed how he helped her in processing her coaching objectives. I gained personal insight and focus, as well. I joyfully recommend David as a coach. (He also has a great sense of humor and a special family!)”

John W. Messer
RPh, MDiv, LPC and Professional Leadership Coach

 “David has been a help to me as we have worked in a coaching relationship with topics concerning my life and business. I have received benefit from his listening skills, wisdom and insight, as well as his ability to ask powerful and thought-provoking questions that, when answered and followed up with action, put me on the path to achieving my biggest dreams. If you are seeking a coach who is able to help you achieve the success you desire, you do not need to look any further than David.”

Mark Thomas
Business Owner

 “I have known David for about 20 years and have had the great pleasure to work with him in a variety of capacities. He is a consummate professional who is fully dedicated to the tasks he is asked to perform. While he is an excellent accountant and businessman, his true passion lies in helping others attain their personal and professional goals.

David has demonstrated the necessary qualities it takes to be an excellent coach through his work as an adjunct university professor and the mentorship he has provided to friends, family and co-workers. His ability to listen, assimilate information and provide common sense recommendations is what makes David so successful at helping others. These skills and the excitement he brings to his work will benefit future clients as they seek greater success in their careers.”

 Todd Burnett
Self-Employed Businessman
Former Director of Corporate Accounting, US WEST Communications

 “I have known David over 30 years. He was a young man when we met. I was directing a camp, and he was one of my counselors. I immediately believed in him enough to personally choose him as my own son’s leader. He didn’t disappoint then, and he doesn’t disappoint now. It was obvious to me from our first meeting that David was a man of strong convictions; a man whose compassion and caring/generous heart would make a difference in many people. His magnetic personality makes you feel comfortable and safe, and you immediately know you can trust him.

David continues to challenge himself to grow and learn, and he has used his strengths and knowledge to help and encourage me as I move through the chapters of my life –  helping me grow into a better person. I consider David to be one of my best friends, not only because I enjoy his company, but because he helps me to understand how to make wise choices in decisions that must be made. He carefully surrounds my family with compassion, encouragement and love, and his integrity is without peer. Everyone needs a champion like David. I am forever blessed because our paths crossed so many years ago.”

Jann Black
Executive Administrative Assistant
Ft. Logan Mental Health Facility
State of Colorado

“David and I were in the same coach-training course, which was designed to take our coaching skills to the next level. David came to the class already well-equipped to draw out the best in others. Even in difficult situations, David handled himself expertly and continued to accomplish the task of helping the client move forward in their personal goals. He has a great sense of humor (he laughs at my jokes). Add that to his compassion, refreshingly practical wisdom and natural skill—and you have a great coach. I am blessed to call David a friend!”

Pam Taylor
Christian Life Coach

“Since you have come to this website, you are searching for a coach to assist with changes in your life. Well, you have found a person who has taken the journey himself: a journey of creating change. I have known David for 10 years. We were co-workers in the corporate world, and have continued to communicate despite the distance of 3000 miles. I took a job in another state, and during the transition with my move, David has been the constant listener and is very insightful. Many times, I only see the negative—but David has a knack for finding the positive. David is able to lift you up and help move you forward. He’s a great motivator!”

 Sherri Rodden
Senior Rate Analyst, Hawaiian Electric Company